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The Happiest Diet in the World

The secret to a long, healthy life? It’s really very simple…

In The Happiest Diet in the World, Giulia takes us on a culinary journey to the long-lived communities of Sardinia's Nuoro mountain region, where instincts and taste buds rule. With the help of top experts in science and nutrition, she identifies what the different cuisines of these places have in common and why their diets may be keeping them so healthy and happy.


With fascinating insights into everything from fasting to meat eating, sugar to wine-drinking, gut health and the incredible power of beans, along with 50 recipes inspired by Giulia’s grandparents’ cooking, this book shows us how to incorporate the key aspects of the super-agers’ diet into ours, and how to reconnect with an instinctive ancient wisdom that, because of the powerful pull of the food industry, we are in danger of losing. 


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‘A wonderful book about the food and lifestyle I grew up with – eating like our grandparents did, with the emphasis on flavour, which is the key to a happy, healthy diet. Fantastico!'

Gennaro Contaldo

Pub date: 25th April 2024

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781915780140

Price: £16.99

About the author:

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Giulia Crouch

writes on food and health for national newspapers including...

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