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‘I can score penalties in my sleep, so why not that one?’ Marcus Rashford, Euros 2021

In this gripping book, psychologist Professor Geir Jordet reveals the elaborate psychological elements of a penalty shootout, and the universal human stress mechanisms that it illuminates. What happens to players’ brains and bodies under severe pressure? Why do some thrive while others choke? How can they turn a seemingly uncontrollable outcome into one that is positive and more predictable?

Drawing on two decades of studying the atomic nuances of performance under pressure, Jordet shares fascinatingly detailed case studies and stories from working with top national teams, as well as the surprising techniques he has devised to enable players to succeed. Jordet shows us how these techniques can be applied outside of the elite sports arena and in our daily lives. This book offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to achieve under pressure.


The book will include exclusive interviews with managers and players including Arsene Wenger and Martin Ødegaard.


Pre-order your copy:

Pub date: 23rd May 2024

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781915780218

Price: £25.00

About the author:

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Geir Jordet

Geir Jordet, Professor in psychology and football at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, is described by The Times as “The world’s leading expert on the psychology of penalties”.

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