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'This charming book weaves hedgehogs into our hearts, our lives and our national identity.'

John Witherow

‘A beautiful, moving and very personal book but also one with an important core message around the need to protect our natural world.’

Douglas Gurr, director of the Natural History Museum 

The Hedgehog Diaries

A beautifully written story about the end of life, in which hedgehogs become a metaphor of hope.

It is the Winter Solstice and Sarah Sands is sitting by her father’s bedside, bracing herself for loss. What her father needs to do, she thinks, is conserve his energy – to curl up and hibernate like a hedgehog in its bed of leaves.

A few days earlier, Sarah and her grandson had found a maggot-ridden hedgehog in the garden and taken it to the local hedgehog sanctuary. They named her Peggy, and her fate had become a matter of pressing concern. When death looms, it's easier to talk about hedgehogs…

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Pub date: 14th September 2023

Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781915780027

Price: £14.99

About the author:

Sarah Sands Author

Sarah Sands

lives in Norfolk by the ruins of a medieval Cistercian abbey...

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