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The Glucose Goddess Method Cover
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Your four-week guide to cutting cravings, getting your energy back and feeling amazing.

‘A must for anyone who wants to understand their body and improve their health.’

Professor Tim Spector

The new book from No. 1 international bestseller Jessie Inchauspé


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Your four-week guide to cutting cravings, getting your energy back and feeling amazing.

By Jessie Inchauspé.

Publishing: 25th April 2023.

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A beautifully written story about the end of life, in which hedgehogs become a metaphor of

By Sarah Sands.

Publishing: September 2023.

Hedgehog Diaries Flat Packshot

A graphic novel by former Mail cartoonist Denise Dorrance about the mayhem that ensues on discovering that a frail, elderly parent has got dementia – a story about mothers and daughters, the power of family and what it really means to go home.

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by Denise Dorrance.

Publishing: February 2024

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A top-quality non-fiction publisher, with a focus on mental and physical health, self-development and social science.


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“At a time of great uncertainty, people have an ever-increasing thirst for knowledge about how to create a world centred on what really matters in life. With our track record for spotting and developing talent, we aim to create award-winning and bestselling books that will be the source of the latest thinking to inspire people on new paths and experiences.”

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