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A powerful ode to family and memory. With her signature wry humour, Denise Dorrance creates a moving portrait of mothers and daughters, and explores the true meaning of home.

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'Gallows humor, visual ingenuity, and a whole lot of heart'
Oprah Daily


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In this gripping book, psychologist Professor Geir Jordet reveals the elaborate psychological elements of a penalty shootout, and the universal human stress mechanisms that it illuminates

By Geir Jordet.

Publishing: 23rd May 2024.

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A brilliantly observed, thought-provoking investigation of our vexed relationship
with clothes

By Rebecca Willis.

Publishing: September 2024.

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A graphic novel by former Mail cartoonist Denise Dorrance about the mayhem that ensues on discovering that a frail, elderly parent has got dementia – a story about mothers and daughters, the power of family and what it really means to go home.

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by Denise Dorrance.

Publishing: February 2024

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A top-quality non-fiction publisher, with a focus on mental and physical health, self-development and social science.


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“At a time of great uncertainty, people have an ever-increasing thirst for knowledge about how to create a world centred on what really matters in life. With our track record for spotting and developing talent, we aim to create award-winning and bestselling books that will be the source of the latest thinking to inspire people on new paths and experiences.”

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